Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Everything that's wrong with male sexuality, in one ad campaign

The image of sex as something that a man "does" to a woman is part of the problem in the global conversation about sexuality. And this campaign for a Thai "natural sexual enhancement" is a really painful reflection of that.

Just look at the fantasy presented by the three ads. They portray the woman as a passive vessel of the man's big penis (stallion), sexual strength (bull) and constant desire (rabbit). 

The woman, let us note, is faceless and on her knees to receive the man's mighty dong in the least intimate way possible. She's not really participating at all.

What do women really want in bed? Each individual's mileage may vary, but it's easy enough to find out how male insecurities about penile performance and porn culture are ruining good old-fashioned hetero sex:

The biggest problem with large penises, the women say, is that they're often attached to even bigger dicks. 
"There's nothing worse than a guy who thinks he has a HUGE penis and is therefore God's gift to the ladies," Beland says. "That kind of guy thinks that getting an erection is pretty much all the effort he has to put into sex. The chances that the women he sleeps with are having orgasms? Slim to none."

In survey after survey, women, especially young women, complain that men, especially young men, make love in a manner that's too rushed, too mechanical, and too narrowly focused on women's breasts and genitals. In many women's experience, too many men view sex as a headlong plunge into intercourse. That's porn-style sex. It can be summed up by the phrase, "wham, bam, thank you, ma'am."

From this forum:
Most women need more than five minutes of foreplay before they are turned on and ready for sex. Don't rush things. If you want a hot woman who acts like a porn star in bed, you need to be prepared to spend some time getting her to that place. It's ideal if you enjoy getting her there as well.
This campaign seems to be aimed at men whose only sex education has come from masturbating furiously to online pornography. And not even "good" porn.

All I have left to say about this, as a man, is "ugh!" If this is the ideal of being a straight dude in bed, I'd rather be a lesbian trapped in a man's body.*

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*Sorry if my quip comes off as trivializing gay women's complex sexuality. That's not the intention. I'm just pissed off at my own category right now.

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  1. Wow! This campaign is really the lowest of the low. The faceless woman... On that Men's Health quote: very true. 'Biggest' fling I've ever had was the worst in bed. He simply thought that's 'enough' some how. It was so remarkable how uninterested in actually 'doing' something he was, that... well... how to I put it? Let's just say me and two of his exgirlfriends (we all move in the same circles) spoke about it over dinner. It was just like "Was it just me or...?" No, we all felt the exact.same.way. And all three of us have remained friends with this guy (and agree that he is decidedly a better friend than he ever was a lover), so it really wasn't a grudge. Add to that constant bizarre obsessions with pubic hair, the offer from one guy to pay for a boobjob (that I would never have), cum-in-face etc and I'm a bit over men-in-bed right now... (wouldn't trade my male friends or coworkers for the world, but not in my bed right now, please)