Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Australian burger joint unapologetic about gross "assburger" ad.

Remember the least appetizing burger ad of 2013? The Australian burger chain, Goodtime Burgers, showed a burger patty and fixings wedged in a model's "buns." No, really.

According to Mumbrella, after the ad was ruled "degrading" by Australia's Advertising Standards Authority, Goodtime Burgers issued this sexist non-apology:

Via Mumbrella

Text reads:
To those who may have been offended by our sensory arousing advertising experience in the last issue of THE BEAST, please accept this formal apology. Our point was not to disturb, but to simply introduce the erotic combination of our moist & juicy burger patties and our soft and smooth buns to the beautiful people of Bondi. We guarantee you will remember this burger the next morning. Our food is sexy, stimulating, juicy and made-to-order. So, if for some reason our last ad left you thinking beyond the burger and onto the onto the buns, sadly you have missed the mark. The point of our ad was to entice your senses, tastebuds to be exact!Yes, we are about the beach.Yes, we are about the buns.Yes, we are about having fun.And Yes, we are about great food at great prices.However, to cram all that information into one advert would be cheap, crass and in your face. We are sorry for many things, but there is one thing for certain, we are not sorry for having a GoodTime :)

The "apology" ad generated more complaints to the ASA, but they ruled “that the text in conjunction with the image gives a humorous content which in the Board’s view did not amount to an image which is exploitative and degrading.”

Looks pretty obnoxious to me. But then again, so does a good percentage of the advertising out there that hides behind "it's all in good fun" cynical appropriation of women's sexuality.

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