Monday, June 1, 2015

Another outrageously sexist London Underground ad

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It seems to be the latest fad in transit advertising: 

1. Make outrageously sexist ad2. Revel in the attention3. Profit
 Why else would advertisers continue to post this rubbish, if not to get a reaction?

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This campaign, as I saw it on Mirror, isn't "edgy" or clever; it's just more deliberate denigration of women for eyeballs and clicks.

So why am I contributing to the problem, by sharing it here? Because we need to change the conversation about this kind of advertising, and the public spaces it pollutes. This is especially timely because Transport for London has banned other ads, such as one for the play My Night With Reg,  and another for a Royal Academy of Arts exhibition on Lucas Cranach the Elder, because of artistic nudity.

This prudishness about the human body, combined with a "lad-mag" lack of sensitivity about gender issues, leads me to believe that Transport for London's advertising department is run by elderly men who have not been allowed to receive any other contact from the outside world since 1975.

I won't even talk about the brand behind these stupid ads. They're not worth my time or yours. But Transport for London needs to smarten the hell up, and develop some 21st century ad standards.

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