Thursday, June 25, 2015

Magnum's attempt to raise women's "self-esteem" is not helping

This is one from my backlog of reader-submitted content. Rachel P, who lives in Spain, sent me this Twitter ad from Magnum ice cream bars. She translates the headline as "how to raise a Spanish woman's self-esteem."

Yeah, ice cream, stiletto heels, and jewellery. That'll do 'er. Because feminism is so 20th Century.

Here's the Tweet:

It says, roughly, "How do Spanish women enjoy the pleasure of the best chocolate ice-cream?"

Magnum, a Unilever brand, is no stranger to controversial ads. Marketing primarily to women, they seem to have no problem insulting them with stuff like this. Tiresome.


  1. I've genuinely worked for Magnum (on their 2016 campaign), and while I don't find this ad particularly good or intelligent, I don't find it offensive either.

  2. Hi David. Sorry for the delay in publishing. I was on vacation.

    I agree that it's a bad ad, creatively. But whether it offends you or me is less the point than the fact that it insults its own target audience.

    The ad was sent to me by a friend in Spain; a married mother of two girls, who is in her 40s in a two-income household. She was targeted by the ad online, because of who she is and (possibly) what she does online. The ad gave her a really bad taste in her mouth, and I could immediately see why.