Saturday, September 15, 2012

WWJD? He'd get branding advice from McCann!

When I was writing a post for Osocio this morning, about a campaign for Reporters Without Borders, I briefly visited the McCann, Germany, site to see if there was a version in original language. Instead, I was treated to a rather ballsy image show that portrayed the account team advising Jesus on his brand symbolism.

It's a very funny in-joke for admen, the client picking the entirely wrong approach, while the agency folk desperately try to steer him in the recommended direction. (To take it too literally, though, why would they even have shown him the square and the circles? And isn't he choosing the instrument of his death?)

Put this one down to European humour. Hopefully, offended Christians won't react as violently as some of their Muslim brethren have to recent religious ridicule.

The other image in the series features Fidel Castro and his iconic cigar:

Ironically, the Cuban leader stopped smoking them in the 1980s, due to health. And he actually enacted some pretty strong smoking bans in Cuba before his retirement. But I get what they're saying.

This is edgy stuff, and the over-the-top arrogance plays as a gag. But does it make good business sense for the global advertising brand? I guess we'll see.

Update: Adland's Åsk Wäppling informs me that this stunt is actually eight years old. I guess they still like it.

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