Thursday, September 26, 2013

Why this GoPro ad showing a firefighter saving a kitten will soon take over the internet

You really need an explanation? It's a firefighter. Bringing a kitten back to life. On video:

In case you were distracted by the kitten, the ad is for GoPro, the wearable HD camera that can go anywhere. Also: Look! Kitty!

Here's a longer version.

Thanks to John Y. for the tip.


  1. This ... backfired ... which you should note in your post: The kitten died a few hours later from the smoke inhalation and people now feel cheated. It leaves a bad aftertaste.

    1. See here
      or here
      or you can check out the reddit discussion.

    2. Thanks. I'm not convinced that this in any way negates the awesomeness of the rescue. You could accuse Go Pro for not adding a super at the end, "BTW, the kitten later died". But why on earth would they do that? I see no foul here.

    3. I disagree with you. Cause it wasn't a "rescue". "I rescued that patient that lost her life."
      But whatevs: I'm not convinced that "oh and btw, the kitten died" is the best pr move. So I would have CHECKED first.