Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Terry Richardson + Olsen Twins = Creepy?

The Olsen Twins, who I recall as TV babies, are 25 now. So I guess there's nothing particularly unusual about them doing a highly-sexualized photoshoot for skeevy photog Terry Richardson.

(Flash only, sorry)

But given Richardson's alleged "thing" for  young models (Jamie Peck, who he photographed at age 19, commented "of all the fine folks I've frolicked au naturel for, he's the only one who's left me feeling like I needed to take two showers") the creep factor is cranked a little higher on this one.

The dark-haired model, by the way, is 20-year-old Argentinian Tatiana "Tati" Cotliar.

Via Fashionista

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