Friday, December 30, 2011

The Worst of F'd Ad Fridays, 2011

I'd like to recognize some really bizarre and/or awful advertising ideas from the past year with some sort of awards. I'll call them the "Effies".

Worst Performance by a Food Item as Penis

And the Effie goes to... Tums. For protecting people from being Tony Danza'd by their corn dogs.


Worst Performance by a Wallet as a Vulva

The Effie goes to PETA, who gave us this mental image:

Worst Sexual Exploitation of an Elderly Woman

Crosby's Molasses. Take your Effie.

Worst Idea for a Got Milk? Ad Ever

California Milk Processor Board, come and get what you deserve.

Worst Use of a Billboard to Stalk and Harass an Ex-Lover

Greg Fultz, you are a still phenomenal asshole.

Worst Photoshop Abuse of Animals

M-Wrap, of Thailand, come and claim your Effie.

And maybe we should cancel that gala dinner. I think everyone just lost their appetite.

Worst Typo in an Agency Self-Promo During an Awards Show

Grey Group? Grey? Are you here?

Worst Unintentionally Pornographic Street Team

Dr. Pepper, you old dog...

Worst Supporting Role by Teenage Underpants

Purity Panties... how many teen pregnancies and STIs have you prevented so far with these slogans?

Worst Performance by a Sex Doll in a Battery Ad


Worst web site

Worst Infomercial

Poop Trap. Gross.

Worst Pretentious Fashion Ad Porn

There was really stiff competition for this one, but Agent Provocateur nailed it:

Agent Provocateur - 'Fleurs Du Mal' from Epoch London on Vimeo.

And The Lifetime Achievement Effie for Effing Infamous Effed Up Ads Goes to:

Brazilian CD Rodolfo Sampaio, who managed to cause a global shitstorm this year over his unsanctioned "pedo" KIA ads:

Not only did he win a silver at Cannes with this nasty little spread, but he managed to cause a global PR crisis for KIA Motors.

Two years earlier, at DDB, the same CD managed to pull  the World Wildlife Federation into a world of hurt with this "award of merit" entry to The One Show:

To be that much of an awards whore, against the forces of taste, good judgement, strategy and client interest takes a truly effed perspective on advertising.  I can hardly wait to see what Mr. Sampaio comes up with for 2012.

That's it for our inaugural Effies. Try not to get too fucked up on Saturday night.

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